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parkson瘋了,落實投資於pulau melaka

9 thoughts on “parkson瘋了,落實投資於pulau melaka”

  1. Wong Chen Wei says:


    1. jim yuet says:


  2. Ailyn Koay says:

    maybe they got plans?

  3. Steve Baron says:

    This is really a bad idea to invest in Pulau Malaka.

    1. jim yuet says:

      personally, i think so also, can’t trust melaka government

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hatten is also investing in Pulau Melaka, perhaps there is a bigger plan than just this.
    Harbour City @ Pulau Melaka

    1. jim yuet says:

      thanks for the info

  5. Grace says:

    I was transferred to Melaka recently. While the housing and rental yield is still relatively low, I feel the “booming” market. The consumer power there is growing. There’s definitely a good medium class market that support the shops there. Question is if that’s sustainable.

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      i don’t think local demand can support shops supply over there, otherwise won’t be a lot of empty shoplots in pulau Melaka or even in melaka raya. Pulau Melaka development is purely target on tourist market and foreign investor, and i think this is not difficult at all to Hatten Group, most of their previous development sold to outsiders.

      At the end, i still feel that pulau melaka is a extreme high risk investment, there are alot of abandoned shoplots, and even a abandoned hotel on the island. BTW, all those shoplot and hot-selling hotel room with guarantee returns are not selling cheap!

      2cent opinion from local melaka lang

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