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IGBREIT 2014 annual report analysis

6 thoughts on “IGBREIT 2014 annual report analysis”

  1. JeannieP says:

    Hi Uncle Jim,
    im planning to buy some REIT soon.
    In your opinion, which stock you think have the best dividend potential, as well with a fair price?
    And also, how to calculate if the stock price is fair?
    Appreciate your answer as im still learning hard 🙂

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      Hi Jeannie,

      this is a hard question to me, personally i don’t think current situation is a good time to buy, why don’t you wait for lower price only enter? SO that you can enjoy better dividend yield. timing is important.

      But if you only eyeing in 7-8% dividend, anytime is a time to buy

      1. JeannieP says:

        Uncle Jim,
        Thks for your reply.
        So you think the stock price is bit high now? How do you evaluate a fair stock price?
        Many thanks! 🙂

        1. Uncle Jim says:

          i am looking at dy(dividend yield)and company growth 🙂 i can keep my bullet for years, few months didn’t buy/sell already, haha

  2. yanyew says:

    Uncle Jim:

    1. Uncle Jim says:


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