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hong kong REITs 派息分享

12 thoughts on “hong kong REITs 派息分享”

  1. Lim says:

    Uncle Jim, 恭喜你的hkreit利息!请问你有投资thelinkreit?

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      很想,可是门栏太高,且现在的dividend yield比较低,正等待机会 :)

  2. Sim says:

    Hi Uncle Jim,
    I just got my Mapletree Greater China Trust dividend too. Look like your bank may impose higher charges.
    My dividend received is SG$135.92 – Foreign Fees & 6% GST (SG$1.36+SG$0.08) – Dividend Handling Charges & 6% GST (SG$3.74+SG$0.22) = SG$130.52

    1. Uncle Jim says:


      thanks for sharing, do you mind to tell me what investment bank u using currently?


      1. Sim says:


        1. Uncle Jim says:

          thanks 🙂

        2. Chris says:

          Hi Sim, May i ask after you received the dividend, its automatic change to Ringgit or remain SGD?

          And min how much to buy SG share? 1000 units or…?

          Im very interesting on SG reits now, thank you~

          1. Sim says:

            Hi Chris
            For the investment bank that I am currently using. The dividend is in SG$. You have the option to convert to RM as when you wish. Starting this year SGX transaction per lot have reduce to 100 share from 1000 share.

          2. Uncle Jim says:

            thanks sim!

          3. Chris says:

            Oh Thank you Sim.
            And may i ask one more question?
            If compare local reits (Malaysia) with Singapore reits, which one better ? (After tax and fees)
            As i know, normally Malaysia reits dividend is around 5%-7% per year, and it needs deduct 10% from dividend….Thats mean i only get 4.5% – 6.3% dividend…
            I checked Singapore reits around 5% – 9%, it really attractive to me.

  3. 徐 says:


    1. Uncle Jim says:

      对不起,我只cover REITs

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