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silver bird factory裁决

6 thoughts on “silver bird factory裁决”

  1. Steve says:


    1. Uncle Jim says:

      以high 5过往的pattern,相信不容易追讨这项赔偿,哈哈

  2. HULK says:

    不好意思,Uncle Jim,请问double rent是什么意思?(608,000*2=1216000),谢谢。

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      以high 5过往的pattern,相信不容易追讨这项赔偿,哈哈,还有股友在fb page上笑言,high 5 赔面包。

      我也不清楚double rent的意思,如真的是双份租金的话,总赔偿金加上利息,接近RM30mil,arreit赚翻了,因为silver bird factory的估价只有RM80mil


        1. Uncle Jim says:

          thanks for the info, this is really informative!

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