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igbreit 30jun2015 quarter report

4 thoughts on “igbreit 30jun2015 quarter report”

  1. alex says:

    請問balance sheet裡accumulated losses那一欄是什麼意思?
    igbreit的總派息比distributable income高是怎麼辦到的?
    謝謝解答 🙂

    1. Uncle Jim says:


      1)老实说,我不完全理解balance sheet裡accumulated losses的含义,相信那只是accounting上的呈现方式
      2)igbreit的总派息并没比distributable income高,您说的是distriubtion income比net profit高是吧?如果您有详细阅读报告,after profit后,有一项distribution adjustment,那是用来调整distribution的,for example,igbreit的manager fee由发出新unit支付取代cash,所以必须把income statement中的manager fee加回去,所以最终distribution income会比profit高


      1. Sim says:

        Uncle Jim, thank you for your explanation.

        1. Uncle Jim says:

          you are always welcome:)

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