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sunway pyramid site visit,pyramid phase 3 + BRT

11 thoughts on “sunway pyramid site visit,pyramid phase 3 + BRT”

  1. HULK says:


    1. Uncle Jim says:


      1. HULK says:


  2. Nick says:

    Hello Uncle Jum,想请教你,reit 的 10% witholding tax 有可能 refund吗?

    1. Uncle Jim says:


  3. Nick says:

    谢谢指点。dividents -10%…..白白酱就没了。

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      买外国的,如:香港REITs,就不需给tax咯~ 但by law你得申报国外dividend in income tax

  4. Nick says:

    哦哦哦,还有这一手。可是exposed to currency risk 吧。

    1. Uncle Jim says:


  5. Nick says:

    说的也是。那么新加坡reit会有witholding tax 10% 像Malaysia reit 这样吗?

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      我仍未踏入singapore REIT,再udate您~

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