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TW Reit 2Q2015 quarterly report analysis

6 thoughts on “TW Reit 2Q2015 quarterly report analysis”

  1. Chan Boon Chew says:

    Mr. H 不小心把时间推前一个月了!

    1. mr h says:

      Boon Chew, 那一个日期推前了? 谢谢。

      1. Mr H says:

        Boon Chew , found it. TQ.

        “根据24 July 闭市价RM1.23, 我计算出只有5.2%”。

    2. Uncle Jim says:


  2. Mr H says:

    Uncle JIm,
    How to edit after posted?

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      i gao dim liao~

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