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Daily Archives: August 9, 2015

sunlight reit wholly-owned On Loong

sunlight reit(00435,hkreit) 通过exchange agreement(交换产业)与acquisition(正常收购),成为on loong commercial building唯一业主,详情如下: sunlight reit把1st Floor of Yue Fai作为筹码,与vendor 1(卖主1)交换Unit 6A of On Loong commercial building,外加HKD8mil现金,这exchange agreement于3jul2015完成。 sunlight reits以HKD16.35 mil向vendor 2收购21st Floor of On Loong commercial building,并且在3aug2015完成。 这也是为何之前sunlight REIT没在公开竞标售出1st Floor of Yue Fai(click here to read old post)在完成出售此产业后,sunlight REIT已完全脱售yue fai。 此两项收购以平均premium高出市价56.145%完成,看表下: Property Gross