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OUE Com REIT Jun 2015 report

5 thoughts on “OUE Com REIT Jun 2015 report”

  1. Sam says:

    Uncle Jim,
    您好!星加坡的Reit 有没有Tax? 香港没有,马来亚有。谢谢了。

    1. Uncle Jim says:


  2. Keith says:

    Dear Uncle Jim,

    Good day..
    I bought OUE Reit before right issue, do you foresee the 2H 2015 dividend shall be improved from Raffles Place contribution ?


    1. Uncle Jim says:

      hi keith,

      good morning to you, i don’t think OUE com reit’s distribution shall be improved in 2H2015 as Raffles Place’s acquisition expected to be completed in end of the year. i foresee that OUE COM reit would maintain current distribution income in 2H2015

      Thanks and have a nice day~

      1. Keith says:

        Hi Uncle Jim,

        thanks for your prompt reply..

        Just a quick check, do you know post right issue base price is how much? izzit sgd 0.74?
        I fully subscribed my right issue and I think I am at capital lost for the moment at 0.655..

        Is that viable to average by adding in some units at current price?


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