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cds account application


往往有读者询问该如何申请CDS account,特别是现在malaysiareit.com涵盖国外REITs,激发了更多朋友投资国外股票的欲望,可是一般上得weekday working hour上门处理CDS account申请,麻烦得很。

好消息是,现在您可以通过电邮申请CDS account,uncle jim设立cds account application,有兴趣的朋友可以填写以下的表格,然后就会有专员follow up,通过电邮为您开启所需的account类别,无论是personal account, nominee account, margin account, uncle jim使用着的REITs margin financing account,还是 foreign exchange account,坐在电脑前轻松完成申请手续,方便的很!

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7 thoughts on “cds account application”

  1. stanic says:

    Hi, I would like to open an account for both Malaysia and hongkong reit, can you please call me. My number is +66 84 674 9360. Alternatively, provide me your contact number and i can call you back.
    Thank you.

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      noted, somebody will call you on this, thanks ya

  2. Leong says:

    HI uncle jim,
    I would like to ask if i can open a cimb reit margin financing account if i not yet reach 21years old ?

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      u are not allowed, haha

      1. Leong says:

        Is ok uncle Jim,i m turning 21 next year hahha
        btw,I have a suggestion that u can create a system that can automatically send you notification once you reply a message so that we can track the latest update 🙂

        1. Uncle Jim says:

          Hi leong,

          I think my page having such feature, you guys will receive a notification via email once i reply message 🙂


  3. Alex Lee says:

    Dear Jim,
    If i use CIMB Forex Account to invesr in HK and Singapore REITs, would the dividen subjected to tax?
    Thank you, Alex

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