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Hong Kong REITs Introduction

malaysiareit.com纳入hongkong reit,hong kong reit对大马投资者而言相对比较陌生,目前共有10家REITs在香港交易所上市,其中九家以港币(HKD)交易,就只有huixian reit(以人民币交易。香港REITs与大马REITs当然有不一样的地方,差别如下:

difference between hong kong reits and malaysia reits

hong kong reits malaysia reits
dividend tax(withholding tax) 0% 10% on individual, 25% on company, 10% on foreign instituition
currency hong kong dollar / rmb ringgit malaysia
maximum gearing ratio 45% 50%
others allowing reits to invest up to 10 per cent of their asset value in property development property development not allowed

hong kong REITs Q&A

怎样购买hong kong REITs?
大马投资者可以通过foreign trading account 买入hong kong reit,尚未有此类account的朋友可以click这里申请
购买hong kong REITs的brokage是多少?
必须注意的是,隔空买入hongkong REITs的brokage比较高,而且currency exchange也是一笔费用,click here to see detail
hongkong REITs如何派息?
HongKong REITs多以港币派息,而我用着的cds account可以把dividend以港币保留,click here to see detail
hongkong REITs吸引人的地方?
HongKong REITs dividend yield比malaysia reit高,而且港币与美金挂钩,有趣的很,click here to see detail

all of the hong kong REITs

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