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Reits trackers

一般的上班族不可能每一天都盯著電腦查看每一個reits大大小小的announcements, 業績,新聞,消息等等。

所以malaysia reit推出了reits tracker這個服務,你只需要register 你的interest (只選你要follow的reits), uncle jim就會把每一天最新消息,報章的新聞,uncle的分析,最新的業績轉發給你們.

follow steps below:

1) fill in the registration form

2) tick the reits you would like to follow

我們確保你不會錯過任何一個小小細節 :)  

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16 thoughts on “Reits trackers”

  1. ZHAO JING says:

    HI UNCLE jiM,我想知道更多的bursa知识,关于如何去看该股未来趋势,时机买进。


  2. jennlim says:

    +Can I withdraw EPF account 2 to buy REITS ? Is it worth ?

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      you are not allowed to withdraw epf acc 2 to invest in REITs, unless you withdraw with other reason, such as housing loan installment withdrawal(of course u need a house for this withdrawal la~~) after epf bank into you, only you buy in some REITs

      REITs DY are about 6-7% now, i don’t think withdraw epf to invest REITs is a good idea at this moment, unless crisis happen, and REITs DY become 10% and above, then only worth 🙂

  3. jade says:

    thanks uncle jim. 😀

    1. admin says:


  4. Ryan says:

    Uncle Jim, 新加坡的Reits有好一些很不错的周息率,请问是否可以提供更多的资料呢?

    1. Uncle Jim says:


  5. Jasper says:

    Uncle Jim, 你好。
    你对Alsreit 有什么看法? 跌破IPO是什麽情况呢?

      1. Jasper says:

        Thankiu uncle jim 😀

        1. Uncle Jim says:

          u r welcome!

  6. ggttgg says:

    Uncle JIm, I also use cimb-trade to invest on hong kong,its very expensive.
    Do you have any introduce?

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      no wow, i also looking for alternative

  7. dennis says:

    i ma new. which reit recommended to invest ?

    1. Uncle Jim says:

      i am sorry that i don’t make any buy/sell call

  8. CHONG KOON MENG says:

    Uncle Jim, 你好。

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